Emergencies In Medicine Responsive Education
Houston, Texas, February 28, 2015 Maui, Hawaii, December 7-12, 2014
Emergencies in Medicine (EIM) is an organization formed
by emergency medicine physicians for emergency medicine physicians.
The specialty of emergency medicine, unlike any other medical profession, requires rapid, accurate responses to a wide range of acute conditions— chest pain and suspected myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation, stroke, infection, trauma, or a hundred other conditions. The emergency medicine clinician must be knowledgeable on every potential medical presentation or scenario.
EIM understands this and develops an intensive yet pragmatic curriculum at their conferences. With the erratic schedules of emergency medicine professionals, a comprehensive block devoted to each pertinent area is offered in a destination that allows for a more relaxed learning environment as well as recreation. Most attendees return year after year after they have attended one of our conferences.
Invited speakers are selected based on knowledge in a particular area in clinical and research expertise. Educational costs are partially funded by independent educational grants thereby keeping fees for the courses very affordable. contact us to learn more
Boston Strong and Boston Proud: The Emergency Medical Response to the Boston Marathon Bombings
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